Subject to the Minister, the Veterinary Surgeons’ Board is responsible for administering the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1960, as amended.

More specifically it:

  • registers persons holding approved qualifications as veterinary surgeons or veterinary specialists;
  • registers the practice of veterinary surgery by a body corporate;
  • registers premises for use as a veterinary hospital or clinic;
  • approves qualified persons to carry out the duties of veterinary nurses and authorises persons enrolled in approved courses to perform the duties of trainee veterinary nurses;
  • authorises laypersons to perform prescribed veterinary services;
  • ensures the maintenance of appropriate professional standards by registered veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, trainee veterinary nurses, veterinary students and authorised persons;
  • investigates allegations of unprofessional conduct against veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, laypersons performing acts of veterinary surgery without being appropriately authorised;
  • where appropriate refers cases to the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) or court for the prosecution of persons who have allegedly breached the Act; and
  • recommends the level of prescribed fees pertaining to the administration of the Act.

Strategic Plan

The  Veterinary Surgeons’ Board has a  Strategic Plan for 2018 to 2023.

Board meeting dates

Board meeting dates and agenda closing dates for 2020 are as follows. Agendas close on Tuesday of the week before the meetings. Items will NOT be accepted after the closing date for the agenda. Dates are subject to change – please contact the Board office to confirm.

 Board Meeting dates   Agenda closing dates 
 13 October 2020  6 October 2020
 10 November 2020  3 November 2020
  8 December 2020  1 December 2020

Members of the Board

Dr Anthony Leeflang – Chair/Elected Member
Ms Bronwyn Davies – Deputy Chair/Ministerial Appointment
Dr Peter Punch – AVA Nominee
Dr Skye Badger – Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development
Dr Graham Harradine – Elected Member