Section 26(4)(b) of the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1960 (the Act) allows for the authorisation of a person who is not a registered veterinary surgeon to carry out, under the direction of a registered veterinary surgeon, acts of veterinary surgery that are prescribed in the Veterinary Surgeons Regulations 1979 (the Regulations).

The acts of veterinary surgery for which a person may apply for authorisation are:

  • administering by injection sedatives, tranquillisers and euthanasia agents;
  • equine dentistry;
  • embryo transplantation;
  • diagnosis of disease;
  • administering contraceptives or other medications to dogs in the pastoral region;
  • examination of cattle for pregnancy by rectal palpation or rectal probe and ovarian examination per rectum; and
  • artificial insemination by surgical (laparoscopic) method.

The Board must be satisfied that a person is competent to properly perform that service before granting authorisation.

If you wish to apply for authorisation to perform one of the above acts of veterinary surgery or to be a directing veterinary surgeon you are required to contact the Board office to discuss the obligations and requirements for authorisation prior to submitting an application.