Registration process

A veterinary specialist is a registered veterinary surgeon with an exceptionally high level of skill that is well above that of a practitioner in the same discipline.

Veterinary surgeons who wish to be registered as specialists must meet stringent requirements relating to qualifications, experience and training. Under legislation in Australia and New Zealand, only registered specialists may claim specialist status.

An assessment process for persons seeking specialist registration has been established by the registering authorities in Australia and New Zealand under the provisions of their respective legislation, to ensure that the public has access to advanced veterinary expertise.

This process is conducted by a committee of the AVBC called Advisory Committee on Registration of Veterinary Specialists (ACRVS). The ACRVS undertakes assessments ONLY upon the request of a registering authority and no correspondence occurs with the person seeking specialist registration.

Applications for specialist registration must be lodged with the Veterinary Surgeons Board who then forward the necessary documentation to the ACRVS for assessment. Applicants must complete both the Veterinary Surgeons Board Form 4C as well as the AVBC Application Form.

The Veterinary Surgeons Board Form 4C and an information sheet are available by clicking the Application forms button.

Applicants must obtain the AVBC Application Form and Information Booklet direct from the AVBC website.