Wildlife medicine online training

Posted on 23/01/2023
Free online training on the treatment of Western Australian wildlife species that may present to general veterinary practices is being offered to veterinary professionals

Who can microchip dogs and cats?

Posted on 23/01/2023
Qualified people in addition to veterinarIans and veterinary nurses can microchip cats and dogs

Mental Health

Posted on 23/01/2023
Did you know that the Board will fund up to two counselling sessions on request for veterinary staff?

Nominations open for the veterinary nurse position on the Board

Posted on 29/06/2022
Nominations for the elected veterinary nurse to sit on the Veterinary Practice Board are invited

Commencement of the Veterinary Practice Act 2021

Posted on 6/06/2022
The Veterinary Practice Act 2021 will commence before 30 June 2022.

Online emergency animal disease training

Posted on 6/01/2022
Do you know what to do if you detect an unusual outbreak of disease in animals you are treating? This free online course will bring you up to date on this vital issue.

Mandatory vaccination of veterinary premise staff

Posted on 6/01/2022
All staff of veterinary clinics (and hospitals), including volunteers and work experience students, are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Call for Board nominations

Posted on 12/07/2021
Nominations for the two elected veterinary surgeons on the Board for the next term office are invited

Specialist registration discussion paper

Posted on 4/05/2021
Comment is sought on proposed changes to the requirements for registration as a specialist veterinary surgeon

Veterinarians Guide to Animal Welfare Cases

Posted on 15/09/2020
A guide for veterinarians as to their role in the investigation of suspected animal welfare cases

Cannabis Based Products

Posted on 28/08/2020
What veterinary surgeons need to know about prescribing cannabis based products

National Wildlife Biosecurity Guidelines

Posted on 16/07/2020
These guidelines are a crucial resource for everyone who works with wildlife.

Writing Prescriptions for s8 Drugs

Posted on 24/06/2020
Veterinary surgeons are reminded that they cannot write repeat prescriptions for s8 drugs.

Ehrlichiosis confirmed in dogs in the Kimberley

Posted on 3/06/2020
Ehrlichiosis, a tick borne disease has been detected in a small number of dogs in the Kimberly.

COVID-19 update

Posted on 19/03/2020
Veterinary specific updates on COVID-19 available from Australian Veterinary Association website.

Pentobarbital - Consultation for proposal change to up schedule

Posted on 20/12/2019
The Commonwealth Government has opened a public consultation for a proposal to up schedule pentobarbital (when packed for injection) from Schedule 4 to Schedule 8.

Bushfire Crisis

Posted on 20/11/2019
Veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses from Western Australia wishing to volunteer volunteer their time and skills to care for animals affected by the bushfires should apply through the AVERT program operated by Vets Beyond Borders.

Unique email addresses now required

Posted on 20/11/2019
To access your account and log in online you will now need a unique email address

Antimicrobial stewardship resources for veterinary surgeons

Posted on 6/11/2019
Antimicrobial resistance is a major global threat of increasing concern to human and animal health

House call veterinary surgeons and Poisons Permits

Posted on 6/11/2019
If you are a veterinary surgeon operating a house call practice you require a Poisons Permit

Relocation of veterinary premises

Posted on 6/11/2019
Registration of a veterinary hospital or clinic relates to a particular premise and is not transferable